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Technology How-to-Guides

Canvas – learning management

Zoom – video conferencing

  • Use Zoom for classroom or meeting space – Zoom supports teaching and learning activities that you and your students do at the same time. You can use Zoom to schedule and hold class sessions and office hours. Each class session (meeting, in Zoom terminology) gets a link, which you share with your students. At the time/day of the class session, students click the link to join you in Zoom. You can record class sessions and save them to the cloud for students to review.
  • Get started – Go to and sign into Standard UW Zoom. You might want to invite a colleague to a meeting and have a practice session, trying out various features. Decide on a day and time, open a Zoom meeting, and click the Invite button to invite anyone with a UW Zoom account to join you in your meeting.
  • Sign in –Go to and sign in to Standard UW Zoom.
  • Invite people to a scheduled meeting
  • Invite people to an ad hoc meeting – In the Zoom meeting, find the Invite+ button on the bottom of the Zoom screen, then click it. A window will open showing the names of people at the UW who have Zoom accounts. In the field near the top of the window, start typing the name of the person you want to invite. When their name appears, click it. Zoom sends an invitation to join you in your meeting.
    • Alternatively, click Copy URL and then paste the meeting link in email or Slack.
  • Join a meeting
  • Share your screen – When you are in a meeting, find the green Share button on the bottom of the Zoom screen, then click it. A window will open showing several options for sharing. By default, your desktop will be selected. Choose what you want to share. At the bottom of the window, click Share.
  • Use Zoom when teaching with Canvas – This UW teaching guide reviews the Zoom interface and explains how to schedule and start online class sessions and set up office hours from within your Canvas course

Panopto – lecture capture

Use Panopto to record and review videos from courses, lectures, and presentations.