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Concerned that with everyone going online, your teaching tools may not keep up?

Will Zoom, Panopto and Canvas have the capacity to support your course as you move it online?

The short answer is yes. We have sought and received assurance from our teaching and learning tool vendors that their systems are designed and operated to meet increased and growing usage, even in the face of unprecedented demand. Remember, these vendors have worldwide reach, and they have already been handling increased demand since January.

Learn what vendors are doing to support the global migration online.

Fun with virtual backgrounds!

Your Zoom background doesn’t have to feature your office file cabinet covered with stickies. Nor does it need to highlight your washer and dryer, if you’re Zooming from home — although a quick appearance by your cat is a nice way to break up your lecture.

Ryan Calo, UW School of LawBy changing your virtual background in Zoom, you can teach from (virtually) anywhere in the world, like Ryan Calo, the Lane Powell and D. Wayne Gittinger Associate Professor in the School of Law. Watch this Zoom video to find out how to make your own.