Teaching Remotely

communicating online

June 2, 2020

Art is a dialogue

Decorative image by Flora Davis

By Timea Tihanyi, School of Art + Art History + Design

Because art is a dialogue, much of what the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts seniors have been doing in ART 400 this quarter has been synchronous. Instead of the white-box gallery exhibition, students are presenting their work in a virtual “gallery” for which each student created both a senior project and an art portfolio website. By still presenting the work publicly, we’re trying to create a sense of normalcy.

March 12, 2020

What to say and how to say it

Person working on laptop

Communicating with your students is vitally important these days, especially without in-person classes and final exams. Where to start?¬†Here is how the Law School explained finals to their students…